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Assistant City Attorney for the City of Green Bay

Attorney Rachel Maes’ current role is as Assistant City Attorney in the City of Green Bay.  Specifically, she is the community prosecutor and prosecutes any contested municipal court citations.  Rachel also provides legal advice to various departments within the City of Green Bay government, especially regarding enforcement of state statutes and City of Green Bay ordinances.  Because many departments have ordinances that need to be enforced, Rachel has a broad range of legal knowledge that she advises about.  Rachel focuses on improving local neighborhoods through nuisance abatement procedures and partnering with the Green Bay Police Department and Inspections Department.  Rachel also advises the Sex Offender Residence Board.

In her current role as Assistant City Attorney, Rachel’s focus is on educating residents and City of Green Bay employees to help them understand what is required by law, helping develop practical solutions to keep the City and all of its neighborhoods safe, and ensuring that everyone has the benefit of due process and an opportunity to be heard.  This community focus and breadth of experience understanding both civil and criminal statutes provides Rachel with a solid knowledge base to draw from to preside over the wide variety of cases she would see as a circuit court judge.  Attorney Rachel Maes is well equipped to bring her fair and practical problem-solving approach to the Brown County Courthouse.

Former Assistant District Attorney

After completing law school, Rachel sat for the Wisconsin Bar Exam, unlike in-state law school graduates at UW or Marquette, who are granted diploma privilege to practice law in Wisconsin without sitting for the Bar Exam.  Soon after, Rachel was hired to serve as an Assistant District Attorney in the Douglas County District Attorney’s office.  In that role, Rachel prosecuted a variety of felony, misdemeanor, and non-criminal offenses that impacted people from all walks of life.  Rachel had control of her cases from charging decisions all the way through jury trial and has argued nuanced legal questions on behalf of the State of Wisconsin.  With 3.5 full-time attorneys budgeted for that office, all of the attorneys had to be able to handle any type of criminal case, county ordinance case, or State Patrol citation.

Former Assistant Corporation Counsel

After about a year in the District Attorney’s office, Rachel also began work as half-time Assistant Corporation Counsel in Douglas County, Wisconsin. Being raised with a strong work ethic, Rachel was giving 110% to her work and community, working a 0.6 time position with the State as an Assistant DA and a 0.5 time position with the County as an Assistant Corp. Counsel.

The dual positions gave Rachel an abundance of time in the courtroom and exposure to a wide breadth of subject matter. In addition to her criminal caseload through the DA’s office, Rachel was representing the County on civil matters including zoning concerns, child support modifications, mental commitments, guardianships and protective placements, and contract review. While many attorneys find a niche and specialize in a specific field of law, the diversity of Rachel’s workload in both civil and criminal cases will serve her well as a circuit court judge who is responsible for presiding over any type of state or local case.