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With family in mind, as Rachel’s children reached school age, it was important to her that she live closer to extended family.  She wanted aunts and uncles, grandparents, and cousins to be a part of her kids’ lives and be able to attend school plays and concerts, little league tournaments, and other similar events.  After several years up north in Superior, it was time to move home to Brown County.

Rachel was hired as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Green Bay – specifically in the Community Prosecutor role.  Rachel briefly lived in Bellevue before buying a house on the east side of Green Bay near Edison Middle School.

Making the City of Green Bay a better place

In her current role as prosecutor for all of the citations issued through the Green Bay Municipal Court, Rachel enjoys being able to talk through contested citations with a wide variety of residents who primarily live in Brown County. Rachel genuinely wants to hear from the people who are contesting their citations. If people do not have an opportunity to be heard, they are less likely to see the judicial process as fair. Many offenses, like speeding tickets and Operating While Intoxicated 1st offenses, cut across all demographics, and it is important to Rachel that the citations are resolved consistently with equal justice for all. Rachel takes pride in ensuring community safety and rule of law while taking into consideration details and facts mitigating and aggravating any particular situation.

In an effort to avoid future offenses and reduce the need for police services, education about what the statutes and ordinances require is the most important part of these pretrial conversations. Rachel believes that everyone should understand how that particular law or ordinance affects them. She wants to help everyone understand why a citation was issued in order to prevent future incidents which would require police services and possibly result in additional citations being issued.

Besides municipal prosecutions, Rachel also works closely with the Green Bay Police Department, City of Green Bay Inspections Department, and local property owners through landlord training and the nuisance abatement process to make tangible improvements to Green Bay’s neighborhoods. These relationships and training sessions empower landlords and property owners to be part of making our neighborhoods safer, cleaner, and better.